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Grumpy men

Recently, I couldn’t help but notice a glut of grumpy middle aged men come across my path. They are grumpy, but it would be misleading to say that is all they are. Once they get talking, several themes begin to emerge, themes that are common to all of them. At work these men endure a low […]

Innovation and connection

As a long-term career researcher in Australia’s leading National Science Organisation, it seems that not a day goes by without hearing the call to be “innovative”: Innovation keep us competitive. Innovation creates growth and global success. Innovation keeps us at the cutting edge. Innovation creates jobs. Innovation will keep our standard of living high… This […]


How to really know someone.

This is how you really get to know someone: You get to know them at a Heart level. Try asking these questions. What is your most significant role in life? Who is in your family? Who is the person who has most influenced your direction in life? Where did you grow up? Who did you […]

Alcohol, remote communities and the Heart

In my state there are remote communities that experience the ebb and flow of seasons. It is April now, so the wet season has finished. Typically it runs from very late in the year and spills over to the first quarter of the year. During this season, there are frequent downpours mixed with high humidity. […]

The Spirit of Geometry. Who should soothe?

In my clinic, no other image has generated more emotion, more discussion and yielded greater personal insight for my clients than this piece of surreal art by Belgian artist René Magritte. Curiously named “The spirit of Geometry” (1937), Magritte denied that it had anything to do with him and his upbringing but some have disputed […]

3 Tips for Christmas

Christmas is a time of great potential. the potential for good and….. the potential for, well let’s say challenges. That being the case I thought it was timely  to suggest three things to help you keep your Heart in your mind this Christmas.