Alcohol, remote communities and the Heart

In my state there are remote communities that experience the ebb and flow of seasons.

It is April now, so the wet season has finished. Typically it runs from very late in the year and spills over to the first quarter of the year. During this season, there are frequent downpours mixed with high humidity. The land is flat. There are crocodiles in the rivers and the rivers are prone to flooding. It isn’t an easy life. Read more

Being more than mindful of mindfulness – Part 3

Part 3: Christian Mindfulness is about filling your mind with good things and putting them into practice.

This is the third of three posts in a series titled “Being more than Mindful of Mindfulness”. Read more

Church Potential

One of Australia’s most celebrated authors Tim Winton said this about growing up in church. Read more

The Spirit of Geometry. Who should soothe?

In my clinic, no other image has generated more emotion, more discussion and yielded greater personal insight for my clients than this piece of surreal art by Belgian artist René Magritte. Curiously named “The spirit of Geometry” (1937), Magritte denied that it had anything to do with him and his upbringing but some have disputed this. Read more

3 Tips for Christmas

Christmas is a time of great potential. the potential for good and….. the potential for, well let’s say challenges.

That being the case I thought it was timely  to suggest three things to help you keep your Heart in your mind this Christmas. Read more

Big bodies, and brains under construction. What the modern adolescent needs

In my house, as in every house, kids seem to be growing up at an accelerated rate. Physically I mean. Not only in the sense that they are growing up quicker than I expected, but that they seem to be growing up quicker than they used to. Read more

Is 18c therapeutic? We need more than a law if we are to grow in a culture where taking offense is common place.

The assumption that clamping down on people who use offensive language will help offended people feel better is dubious. If people want to reduce the likelihood that they will take offense, they will have to spend time talking to safe, loving people who seek to understand them. Read more

When Connection is an “F” word

Right now the nine year old boy in our house is carrying out some mock combat by himself on the trampoline. I see him through the windows punching the air, then falling onto his back. All his sisters are out with their mum, and we just finished his reading for the week (A scary Goosebumps story). Read more

How to pick a partner

There are many strategies that can help you pick a partner for life.

You could pick based on bodies. Do they have a good one? Physical attraction has its place.

You could pick based on brains. Surely respecting a partner’s intellect will help a relationship last? Read more

Have an Aggressive Child? Strike while the ‘Iron is cold’.

In this article, I will discuss a powerful and positive way to change aggression in school age children in a school setting, or perhaps in your own family.

In comparison to other approaches, the distinctive features of this approach are:

1. The timing of learning opportunities
2. The target behaviour that needs to change

Timing of Learning opportunities. Read more