3 Tips for Christmas

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Christmas is a time of great potential. the potential for good and….. the potential for, well let’s say challenges.

That being the case I thought it was timely  to suggest three things to help you keep your Heart in your mind this Christmas.

1. Ask yourself what you want. Start at Boxing Day. Boxing Day seems to be an usual place to begin your plan, but ask yourself this question: “When I wake up on Boxing Day, what would I most like to say about Christmas Day? What would have to occur on Christmas Day to make me happy as I reflect upon it on the 26th?”
2. Ask your significant others what they want. It is not enough to have an individualised plan for Christmas day. Even if you manage to pull off your plan, that doesn’t mean others will be happy with it. We need plans and priorities that are synchronous with what others want. When others realise what we want they will understand us and our behaviour better. But it is better than that. When we understand what others want we will understand them and their behaviour too.
3. Ask God what he wants. You’ve connected with yourself. You’ve connected with someone else. Now connect with God. What does He want to say to you? The carols, the gift giving, family life are all good things, but what of your Heart? What is the Christmas message and how do you take it into your Heart? To feel the love, to feel the forgiveness and to feel the hope that Christmas can bring.

I wish you, the one who is reading this, a safe, loving, and blessed Christmas. Get what you want, become a part of the answer for what others want, hear what God wants you to know and take it to Heart.

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