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From a Psychological Perspective, it isn’t the pandemic you need to worry about.

The Covid Pandemic has created considerable anxiety and this is no surprise to any of us. We wash our hands repeatedly, we check our distances. Vigilance spills easily over into suspicion: strangers and friends alike become potential carriers. The emphasis that our culture has on protecting our health is pleasing: People matter, and they matter […]

After the fire

Australia has always been under threat of bushfires. As the poet said we are “a sunburnt country”. This year feels very different though. The extent of the damage in the 2019/2020 bushfires was serious and harmful in a whole variety of devastating ways. Lives have been put at risk and lost, and livelihoods have been […]

The potency of connection

Love has a long and positive reach. Much time and energy has gone into documenting the impact of negative events in people’s lives. The consequences of neglect and abuse has received considerable attention, and rightly so – the impact of adversity is large and lasting. Less attention has been given to how love might impact […]


Susan* is a lovely lady. She is 55 years of age with two adult children. She is married, a grandma and actively involved in her church. If you met her  you’d never guess that she walks around in constant low-level apprehension that others will react poorly to her. She is nearly always concerned that others […]